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Blumers Old Fashioned Soda Root Beer with Real Cane Sugar

BLUMERS ROOT BEERBlumers Root Beer Non Alcoholic Soda

Remember going to the drive- in and chugging down a frothy mug of root beer? When was the last time you had a good Old Fashioned Root Beer? Now you can… we use choice ingredients and flavors to achieve an Old Fashioned Root Beer taste that will take you back to the drive-in. Get your frosty mug ready!

Blumers Old Fashioned Soda Black Cherry with Real Cane Sugar

BLUMERS BLACK CHERRYBlumers Black Cherry Non Alcoholic Soda

When I was a kid, I used to wait to pick the first sweet cherries of the season right off the tree. I’d be anxious for that first bite, the burst of flavor, the tanginess, and the sense that summer was finally here. Well, now I don’t have to wait every year, because I found the next best thing: Blumer’s Black Cherry Soda. It has the same flavors I remember from so many years ago. It just makes me feel like a kid again. Without the pits!!!

Blumers Old Fashioned Soda Orange Cream with Real Cane Sugar

BLUMERS ORANGE CREAMBlumers Orange Cream Non Alcoholic Soda

Take a walk on the wild side with our updated classic, Orange Cream Soda. Filled with tangy pizzazz, this soda will soon be your favorite. Fabulous orange flavor, tempered lightly with smooth cream, dances in your mouth to create an exciting taste sensation. Tango, anyone?

Blumers Old Fashioned Soda Ginger Beer with Real Cane Sugar

BLUMERS GINGER BEERBlumers Ginger Beer Non Alcoholic Soda

The taste is very much what the aroma suggests. A full malt flavor enhanced with ginger and citrus comes through nicely. It is easy drinking, light in body with a great hoppy bite and a slight astringency for a full smooth finish. Enjoy it over the ice, on it’s own or to make a perfect Moscow Mule cocktail.