Boxer Alcoholic Hard SodasBOXER Alcoholic Hard Sodas

5.5% alc./vol. Made with Real Cane Sugar

Real Tradition. Real History. Unreal Flavour

The year was 1920 and the US government had outlawed the sale of alcohol. But that didn't spell the end of a brewery that had been crafting tradition since 1845, it just meant we just had to brew things a little differently.Our brewery survived those dark days by making non-alcoholic root beer and certain other products that may not have entirely been keeping within the spirit of Prohibition…

We also make Old Fashioned sodas in flavours including Cream Soda, Black Cherry, Orange and Blueberry. Good sense eventually prevailed, of course, and taps once again flowed (legally) across the land. Now, nearly a century later, we're remixing history and saluting our predecessors' perseverance and innovation with our first Alcoholic Craft Root Beer and other Hard Sodas.

Boxer Hard Sodas are batch-brewed with the best 2-row malted barley in the world and only the finest real cane sugar, and infused with creamy vanilla, aromatic nutmeg, spicy cinnamon and other spices to be the perfect blend of tradition and flavor.

Boxer Grape Soda

Treat yourself to that familiar flavour you remember in a great tasting alcoholic drink...Boxer Hard Grape Soda! Its made with amazing grape flavors to mimic grape soda...not grape juice. We also use real cane sugar to get that perfect sweetness you would expect from a soda, with a balanced crisp and refreshing aftertaste! Remember to drink it,...don't just lick it!

Boxer Blueberry

Feeling Blue? Not anymore! Chase the blues away with our fun new Boxer Hard Blueberry Soda. Not too sweet, with a heavenly blueberry twist, this Hard Soda with 5.5% alcohol and pure cane sugar is sure to please. It's the closest thing to sitting in the blueberry patch and picking your own. C'mon, have some fun!

Boxer Hard Root Beer

Remember going to the drive-in and chugging down a frothy mug of root beer? Now you can experience that feeling again...we use choice ingredients and flavors to achieve an old-fashioned Root Beer taste in our new Boxer Hard Root Beer...We added 5.5% alcohol to give it a real kick...Get your frosty mug ready as this is best when served cold!

Boxer Cream Soda

Remember the smooth, comforting taste of a delicious cream soda? That's what you'll find in Boxer Hard Cream Soda. We carefully blend the choicest and most delicate vanilla flavors with 5.5% alcohol and pure cane sugar to bring you back to the time when lazy summer days and porch swings made the world go around!

Boxer Black Cherry

I remember as a kid, waiting anxiously for the first sweet cherries of the season. Well, now you don't have to wait for the cherries to ripen, because here is the next best thing: Boxer Black Cherry Hard Soda, with 5.5% alcohol and real cane sugar. The flavour will take you back to those sweet summer days...with some extra kick and no pits!


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