Our Canadian Beer Brands Produced at Our Calgary Brewery

The heritage and tradition of hand-crafting some of the finest Canadian beer in the world dates back to 1845 here at one of the best Canadian beer companies, the Minhas Micro Brewery.

Beginning our journey and our brewing education in Wisconsin, USA at one of the oldest breweries in the mid-west, is one reason why the Minhas Micro Brewery stands out from all the other Canadian breweries. The wisdom gained from the The Minhas Craft Brewery in Monroe, Wisconsin, which opened in 1845 as the Monroe Brewing Company, gave us a great foundation for developing new, delicious craft brews. And our successes in Wisconsin allowed us to open another brewing facility in Calgary- the Minhas Micro Brewery. This genuine Canadian brewery, located in Calgary at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, uses only the best ingredients to brew our Canadian beers. All of the ingredients are straight out of Alberta- the finest brewing barely and wheat and clearest, crispest water- you can’t get a more Canadian beer.

Coupling time honored brewing techniques and new age brewing methods has allowed the Minhas Canadian beer brewers to develop unique Canadian beers that are quickly on their way to being know as the best beer in Canada.

We hope you’ll use this guide to learn more about our different Canadian brews. Our Canadian beer brands are great when drank alone, but we’ve given you some cheese and food pairing ideas here as well. Cheers!