When people first hear the term “micro-brewery” they expect it to be more or less like a normal brewery. But are those people correct?

The short answer is no.

Unlike what those people think, a micro-brewery like the Minhas Micro Brewery differs from a brewery in several ways — and not only in name. As the name suggests, a micro-brewery is a smaller-scale version of a brewery. In other words, it is a smaller brewery where craft beer is made.

According to US regulations, for a micro-brewery to be classified as a micro-brewery it has to produce less than 15,000 barrels of beer a year. If you know anything about breweries then you probably know that it’s far less than what the average commercial brewery produces.

As we said earlier, a micro-brewery produces craft beer — “specialty beers” that could also be classified as “boutique beer”. Unlike commercially produced beer of the types of Bud Light and Corona, craft beer is made with quality and traditional or “innovative” ingredients. (Once again according to US regulations.)

But what does “quality”, “traditional” and “innovative” mean in regard to beer? Well that’s up to the producer. Those are simply the rules that micro-breweries like Minhas Micro Brewery must abide by if they wish to keep this title.

Every self-respecting beer lover out there must try a craft beer at least once in their life. We say once in their life but really it should be more! If you consider yourself a beer lover, then we invite you to drop by the Minhas Micro Brewery one of these days. Not only will you be able to sample some of our award-winning products on one of our Calgary brewery tours — you’ll also get to learn how craft beer is made.

Sounds good? Then bring some friends along next time you’re in Calgary and come have a good time with us!