If you live in Calgary, chances are that you have heard of us. We are a micro-brewery that is known to produce premium brews such as our award-winning “Lazy Mutt Ale”. As you may (or may not) know already, micro-breweries differ from “regular” breweries in the amount of beer that they produce, among other things. They also produce what is known in the industry as “craft beer” — that is beer that is made with quality rather than quantity in mind.

Here at the Minhas Micro Brewery, we are no different. Our brews are produced with quality in mind, and we are proud to say that our customers notice it. Beer connoisseurs from all over the province drop by our brewery all the time to sample some of our products.

With that being said, why exactly should YOU visit us? We have compiled a list of reasons why you should. Take a look at it and decide for yourself whether it’s worth it or not. :-)

1. We offer a Calgary brewery tour. The latter only costs $10 per entry and lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.

2. On this brewery tour we offer free beer samples to visitors. We also teach them more about craft beer and how it’s made. It’s ideal for people who don’t know the difference between craft beer and “regular” beer.

3. PIZZA! The Pizza Brew is an award-winning restaurant that is run within our premises. The latter offers some of the best pizza in town alongside a selection of 80-plus different ales and lagers. So if you like pizza and beer, you can’t go wrong by visiting us, right?