Beer Glass

When people hear the term “micro-brewery”,¬†pictures of smaller, reduced versions of “normal” breweries pop up in their heads. But just how accurate are those?

While it is true that micro-breweries are smaller versions of “normal” breweries, this isn’t the only thing that makes them different. Micro-breweries, unlike commercial breweries, produce what is known as craft beer.

If you are familiar with this term, then you already know that craft beer is NOTHING like what you are used to. Here’s why: Micro-brewers, unlike commercial brewers, pour their heart and soul into their brews. The results? Delicious and fresh hand-crafted beer that tastes just like what beer used to taste like in the old days. (And even better.)

Of course, the term “craft beer” is a generic term that encompasses many different kinds of beer. Each micro-brewery has its own way of brewing their own unique brew with their own original ingredients. But if there is one thing that every micro-brewery shares in common, it’s quality. (Aside from that, a micro-brewery has to meet certain requirements in order to be considered a micro-brewery, but we’ll skip those today for the sake of simplicity.)

If you live in Calgary, chances are that you live very close to a micro-brewery. One of the city’s most famous micro-breweries is the Minhas Micro Brewery. You might already be familiar with the name as this micro-brewery is ranked fairly high on the list of top things to see in Calgary.

If you are interested in trying out craft beer for the first time (and are interested to learn more about how it’s made), we highly encourage you to do so on one of their Calgary¬†brewery tours. The tour only costs $10 per entry and is the ideal stepping stone into the world of craft beer.