Craft beer. What does it really mean? From a normal person’s perspective, it’s a generic term that is used to describe beer produced in micro-breweries. But from a beer connoisseur’s perspective, craft beer is more than a generic term. It’s a way of life.

Whether you pride yourself in knowing everything that there is to know about craft beer, or whether you simply enjoy a good glass of beer every once in a while, you have come to the right place. As you may already know, Calgary is big producer of craft beer and one of the city’s finest micro-breweries is known as the Minhas Micro Brewery. While this particular brewery has only been in operation for over a bit more than 2 decades, the Minhas trademark is over a hundred years old. If a taste of local flavors is in effect during your stay in Calgary, then dropping by the Minhas Micro Brewery is absolute must.

At the Minhas Craft Brewery the tradition and heritage of hand-crafting brew date back over a century. From their award-winning Lazy Mutt Ale to their Boxer Lager, the Minhas Micro Brewery prides itself in producing Calgary’s finest craft brews. They even offer gluten free options for those who are unable to eat gluten or wish to abstain from it!

If you are interested, they also offer a Calgary brewery tour that runs 5 days a week. Participating in one will give you the opportunity to learn more about Calgary craft beer and how it’s made. And more importantly — it will even give you the chance to sample their products! A win-win situation, no? :)