Beer Glass

Craft beer would be nothing without micro-brewers. In fact, craft beer wouldn’t exist without them! But what do we know about these mysterious micro-brewers, especially the ones located in Calgary? Here are a few facts:

  • Micro-brewers are not like commercial brewers.¬†Unlike commercial brewers, micro-brewers tend to prioritize flavour over quantity. Most of them also like to honor the age-old tradition of brewing beer by hand as well. If you enjoy craft beer, then you know what we mean when we say that craft beer is NOTHING like what most people are used to.
  • Micro-brewers come in all shapes and sizes. Just because they are called “micro-brewers” doesn’t mean that micro-brewers all own small businesses on the verge of bankruptcy! There are all kinds of micro-brewers in Calgary, just like there are all kinds of craft beer in Calgary. (Remember — no craft beer is the same!)
  • Micro-brewers need all the support that they can get.¬†Just because some micro-brewers do well and are not on the verge of bankruptcy doesn’t meant that they don’t need support. Craft beer tends to be a relatively unknown niche in Canada, and even though Calgary is known to produce some of the best craft beer in the country, micro-brewers will always need to rely on beer lovers to remain in business. You can support Calgary micro-brewers by purchasing from them as well as by attending their Calgary craft beer tours.
  • There are many of them in Calgary. As we said above, Calgary is known to produce some of the best craft beer in Canada. Micro-brewers stand strong and proud in this beautiful city — so get going and start exploring! Trust us, they have much to offer.