PictureLet’s be honest — “boring” is a word that doesn’t tend to be associate often with Calgary. But no matter how beautiful and interesting this city is, sometimes you feel like you have nothing to do. When that happens, we have the perfect solution for you.

If you’re bored in Calgary, here are 3 fun things that you can do to alleviate your boredom:

1. Go on a horseback riding tour. Located in Southwest Calgary, Spruce Meadows has brightened the days of countless people over the years. Whether you’re just starting out as a horseback rider or have years of experience under your belt, everyone is welcome at Spruce Meadows.

2. Go on a Calgary brewery tour. If you live in Calgary, chances are that you’ve heard of the Minhas Micro Brewery, right? Right?! Don’t worry if you haven’t, because soon it’s about to change. If you’re bored, nothing is better than a taste of locally brewed beer to alleviate your boredom… and nothing is certainly better than pizza to go along with it. If you like beer, craft beer or any variation of beer, then come join us one of our brewery tours. You’ll get to learn plenty of cool things + free beer + pizza (not free, though). What’s there not to love about this?

3. Visit a museum. Calgary, with its rich and fascinating history, abounds with museums. When you’re bored, visiting a museum can easily make hours feel like a few minutes.¬†From the Gasoline Alley Museum to the Military Museums to the Glenbow Museum, your options are endless in Calgary.