Wondering what the buzz about Calgary craft beer is all about? Then what better way to find out than by attending a craft beer festival? If you live in Calgary or are going to be visiting our beautiful city sometime in the near future, then here is what you can expect in terms of Calgary and Alberta craft beer festival:

  • BANFF CRAFT BEER FESTIVAL.This festival will take place at the Banff National Park on November 27th to 28th. Beautiful nature and delicious craft beer… can you really ask for more?
  • CALGARY AND EDMONTON INTERNATIONAL BEER FESTIVALS.Local + international brews. What’s not to love about this? The Calgary festival will take place on May 6th and 7th while the Edmonton festival will take place on June 3rd and 4th.

Unfortunately, the Calgary Oktoberfest just closed its doors at the time of writing, but don’t despair — you can always catch the Oktoberfest next year! (Trust us, you don’t want to miss that one.)

If you aren’t willing to wait such a long time, you can also drop by the Minhas Micro Brewery to get a small (or big taste) of what premium Calgary craft beer is all about. We also offer Calgary micro-brew tours if you are interested to learn more about craft beer, how it’s made, and what the future holds for it. Tickets are $10 each, and the tour runs 5 days a week.

Until then, happy and safe drinking!