Do you like beer? If you do, then there is no reason why you wouldn’t also like Calgary craft beer. But since craft beer isn’t sold in your local liquor store, you might be wondering where it is possible to sample (and eventually buy) it from.

Here’s the thing: Craft beer isn’t sold in liquor stores (generally) because micro-brewers tend to prefer selling their products directly. Of course this is not always the case, and you will find that several micro-breweries (especially some of the most well-known ones)┬álike to sell their products in local shops.

However, most micro-brewers produce beer that is made to be consumed on their premises, so unless you are not interested in visiting your local micro-breweries then sampling craft beer in Calgary might be a bit difficult.

Of course there is always the option of partaking in a craft beer festival in Calgary, but festivals run once or maybe twice a year. If you really want to sample some of the best craft beer that Calgary has to offer, it’s better to just drop by the Minhas Micro Brewery or join us on one of our famous micro-brewery tours.

Here you will find delicious, hand-crafted brews that continue to remain unrivaled in their quality. We have something for everyone (yes, even people who are allergic to gluten) so if you want to learn more about craft beer, how it’s made and of course sample a few our products, you know where to find us! Until then happy (and safe) drinking. :)