Whether you’re an avid craft beer connoisseur or simply someone who is interested in supporting their local micro-brewers, if you’re here chances are that you’re interested in learning more about the micro-brew tour that Calgary’s very own Minhas Micro Brewery offers.

First of all, who are we? As the name entails we are a micro-brewery that produces fresh, local craft brews for people like you to enjoy. We’ve been in the business for over two decades so we know what the people of Calgary like. Our products include a variety of premium craft brews such as our famous Lazy Mutt Ale, as well as handful of Canadian malt liquors. To learn more about our products, please visit this page.

If you’ve heard about us before you’ve probably also heard of our Calgary micro-brew tour. The latter runs 5 days a week and costs $12 per person.

So why should you care about our micro-brew tour? Simple: It’s an incredible learning experience packaged as the perfect outing with friends or a special someone. Aside from providing you with the chance to learn more about craft beer and how it’s made, it also gives you the chance to sample some of the very best craft beer that can be found in the city… all for a bit more than $10.

The tour lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. While reservations are not necessary they are certainly appreciated.

We hope to see you soon. Until then happy and safe drinking from the Minhas Micro Brewery!