What do you know about the Minhas Micro Brewery?

Aside from producing premium, quality craft brews to residents and tourists of Calgary, the Minhas Micro Brewery also offer a micro-brew tour. If you don’t know what a micro-brew tour (or what the Minhas Micro Brewery is) here are a few facts about Calgary’s most famous micro-brew tour:

  • Entries cost $12 each.
  • The tour lasts between 45 and 60 minutes,
  • Visitors are given a ‘thank-you’ gift at the end of the tour that they can bring home with them.
  • Visitors are also given the opportunity to enjoy fresh and delicious pizza in adjoining restaurant, Pizza Brew.
  • The tour educates visitors on the history and culture of craft beer in Calgary.
  • The tour is ideal for those who have always wondered how beer is made.
  • The tour is best enjoyed in the company of some friends. 
  • Visitors are offered free samples of some of the micro-brewery’s best-selling products.

If a visit to the Minhas Micro Brewery sounds like a good way to spend an afternoon with some friends, then drop by the micro-brewery whenever you feel like it and prepare yourself to enjoy some of the best craft beer that Calgary has to offer. We have something for everyone, you included. For more information on the products that we sell, visit Please note that reservations for the tour are not mandatory, but they are appreciated for large groups of visitors.

We look forward to meeting you. Until then happy and safe drinking from the Minhas Micro Brewery!