Finding theĀ “best Calgary brewery tour” might be a subjective experience, but if there is something that isn’t subjective about what people are looking for in a brewery (and in a brewery tour), it’s quality.

In Calgary, most people agree that the Minhas Micro Brewery focuses on quality. For over two decades now this micro-brewery has been offering premium, quality brews to people from all over the country.

Often hailed as one of the best micro-breweries in Alberta, the Minhas Micro Brewery also offers Calgary brewery tours that allows people to see the behind-the-scenes of a brewery where craft beer is produced. This tour lasts between 45 and 60 minutes and only costs $10. Regardless of whether you are a local or a tourist planning on visiting Calgary, stopping by the Minhas Micro Brewery is an absolute must.

As we have said before, our micro-brewery caters to beer connoisseurs and simple beer lovers alike. All it takes for you to enjoy your stay is a desire to taste quality craft beer and a genuine interest in learning how said craft beer is made.

And of course, a love for pizza also helps! Because that’s right — after earning your certificate in Beerology you will have the chance to eat a slice of pizza (or two) in the adjoining and award-winning restaurant, The Pizza Brew.

So if we couldn’t lure you to us with the promise of beer, now we can with the promise of beer AND pizza. What are you waiting for then? ;)