We, Manjit and Ravinder Minhas (siblings) are Petroleum Engineers by profession, were born and raised in Calgary and still call Calgary home. My older sister Manjit (age 19 at the time) and I, Ravinder, at the age of 18 decided to start a company called Mountain Crest Liquors Inc. (MCLI). The mandate of Mountain Crest Liquors was to bring design, create recipes, and market high quality premium liquor and sell them at a discounted price in Alberta. We started with rum, rye, gin, blended scotch and vodka. Things went well for us but our big break came when Tequila prices in Canada sky-rocketed due to a ‘so-called’ blue agave shortage in Mexico (the main ingredient in making tequila). We quickly secured a supply of tequila at an amazing price and gained a large market share of the Tequila business in Alberta.