The heritage and tradition of hand-crafting some of the finest beers in the world dates back to 1845 here at the Minhas Craft Brewery.   We hope you’ll use this guide to learn more about our different brews.   Our beers are great when drank alone, but we’ve given you some cheese and food pairing ideas here as well.  Cheers!

Premium Brews

Mountain Crest Classic Lager Boxer Lager Beer Bpxer Light Beer Boxer Ice Beer

Mountain Crest Classic Lager

Boxer Lager

Boxer Light

Boxer Ice

Cleer Creek Ice Huber Premium Beer

Clear Creek Ice

Huber Premium

Craft Brews

Laxy Mutt "Farm House" Ale Huber Bock Bottle Minhas Oktoberfest Beer 1845 Pills

Lazy Mutt “Farmhouse” Ale

Huber Bock

Minhas Oktoberfest

1845 Pils

Shergill IPA Swiss Amber Bottle

Shergill IPA

Swiss Amber

Malt Liquors

Axehead -Extreme Beer Thunderbolt Malt liquor Perfect 10 Malt Liquor



Perfect 10

Flavored Malt Beverages

In 1985 our brewery became the first to produce a flavored malt beverage in the US when it started producing Savannah Coolers and Hoopers Hooch Coolers.  The brewery was ahead of the times back then and still are today.  We have invested in the most cutting edge technology to produce a world class malt alternative. We produce ready to drink flavored malt beverage in a variety of flavors with alcohol content ranging from 5% to 12%.
Axehead Watermelon Axehead Fruit Punch Axehead Black Cherry

Axehead Watermelon

Axehead Fruit Punch

Axehead Black Cherry

Peelers Mojito Peelers Acai Peelers Ice Peelers Ice

Peelers Mojito

Peelers Acai-Pomegranate

Peelers Ice

Peelers Orange Squeeze


Blumers Root Beer Blumers Cream Soda Blumers Black Cherry Blumers Orange

Blumers Root Beer

Blumers Cream Soda

Blumers Black Cherry Soda

Blumers Orange Cream

Blumers Blue Berry

Blumers Blueberry Cream