Peelers Orange SqeezeDo you remember your first popsicle? The popsicle was invented in 1905 by Frank Epperson when he was just 11 years old. Epperson had left a fruit drink outdoors overnight containing a stir stick. That night, a record low temperature hit San Francisco. When Epperson awoke the next morning, he discovered the juice had frozen to the stir stick, now known as the Popsicle.

The invention of the popsicle eventually led to the creation of the creamsicle, a frozen dessert resembling a popsicle, with a center consisting of vanilla ice cream. Today, millions of popsicles and creamsicles are enjoyed around the world every year with the favorite flavor being the classic orange.

We can all remember the delicious frozen treat from our younger days-the Orange Creamsicle.  Peelers Orange Squeeze is the alcoholic beverage equivalent.  This is a drink for the true orange lovers, and a fun way to cool off.  Our secret recipe contains a touch of vanilla and is sure to go down really smooth.

5% alc./vol.


Available Packages

4 pack 11.16oz (330mL) Bottles