Have you heard of a brewery offering brewery tours in Wisconsin and wondered what all the fuss was about?¬†Well as it turns out, you aren’t the only person who doesn’t know what a brewery tour.

But if you are here, then chances are that you can at least guess what it entails. That’s right — a tour of a brewery in which beer (sometimes craft beer) is produced.

If you live in Wisconsin, then you might have heard of the Minhas Craft Brewery. (Or not, it’s fine either way!) The latter can be found in Monroe, also known as the “Cheese Capital of the USA” and can be reached within a 1 hour car drive from the capital city, Madison. Often hailed as one of the best micro breweries in Wisconsin, the Minhas Craft Brewery has been in operation for over a century, making it one of the oldest micro breweries still in operation today.

In case you didn’t know, a micro brewery differs from a “normal” brewery in the amount of beer that it produces annually, and also the type of beer that it produces. The latter is known as “craft beer”, and according to US regulations craft beer is made from either “traditional or innovative” ingredients. In other words, quality is what craft beer is all about.

To go back to the original question, “what is a Wisconsin brewery tour?”, well the answer is quite simple. On a brewery tour like the one that the Minhas Craft Brewery offers you have the chance to see the behind-the-scenes of a brewery where craft beer is made. You also have the chance to sample some products and learn more about the history of the brewery (or micro-brewery). All in all, it makes for a wonderful experience that no self-proclaimed beer lover should miss.