Craft beer: Two little words that make beer connoisseurs from all over the country go crazy. In case you didn’t know, craft beer is a beer that is made by a micro-brewery. But what exactly is a micro-brewery? According to the American Brewers Association, a micro-brewery is described as a “small, independent and traditional” brewer.

Of course, a micro-brewery is much more than that, but the main thing that you have to know is that micro-breweries strive for quality over quantity. With that being said, why should YOU try craft beer? Let’s take a look!

1. It tastes better. There is really no other way of saying it: Craft beer tastes better. And when you think about the reasons why it tastes better, then it really starts to make sense. As we said above, micro-breweries strive for quality over quantity. In other words, they pour their heart and soul (and a ton of fresh and delicious ingredients) into their brews. Can you really say the same about breweries that target the masses? We don’t think so.

2. It offers more choices. With over 1,600 micro-breweries in the United States ONLY, it comes as no surprise to hear that craft beer offers more choices to choose from. Every single micro-brewery out there produces its own unique beer in its own, original way with its own, delicious ingredients. In other words, no craft beer is the same.

3. You can meet the people who make it. Because craft beer is not sold in liquor stores, it requires you to actually go out there and purchase it from its brewers. This allows you to meet the people who make craft beer, and trust us — they are as unique and interesting as the brews they so lovingly make. Further to that, several micro-breweries such as the Minhas Craft Brewery offer brewery tours that allow people to see the behind-the-scenes of a brewery where craft beer is made. It is an experience that every beer lover should enjoy.