When it comes to craft beer, nobody knows more about it than the experts working at the Minhas Craft Brewery. Ranked as the 2nd oldest brewery in America as well as the 10th largest, the Minhas Brewery is known across the country for its premium, quality brews. If you live in Wisconsin, you may be familiar with a few of them. (Does Lazy Mutt Ale ring a bell?)

If you are planning on visiting the Minhas Craft Brewery in the near future, then here is what this micro-brewery has to offer you:

  • Premium, quality brews. Whether you like your ale pale or dark, or whether you are more of a lager person, you will find that the Minhas Craft Brewery has a little something for everyone. Being over a hundred years old usually takes care of that…
  • A lovely Wisconsin brewery tour. Have you ever wondered how craft beer is made? You don’t have to wonder that much longer. If you decide to participate on one of their daily brewery tours, you will get to learn plenty of things about craft beer and how it’s made. And even better — you’ll get to taste some! Entries only cost $10.
  • Cheese, cheese and more cheese! Do you like your beer with cheese? If you do, then you’ll be happy to hear that the Minhas Craft Brewery is located in the “Swiss Cheese capital of the USA”. As a result, they have plenty of cheese to share with you. :)