Generally speaking, most beers are not gluten free, let alone craft beers. As a result, people who cannot consume gluten or abstain from doing so for health purposes are very restricted when it comes to the beer that they can drink.

Or are they?

Meet the Minhas Craft Brewery’s Boxer Gluten Free lager beer. As the name entails, the latter is a classic lager beer made without (you guessed it!) gluten. While this beer is currently only available in Canada, it is only a matter of time before it becomes available in the USA, particularly in Wisconsin where the Minhas Craft Brewery is located.

Of course though, this isn’t the only gluten free craft beer available in Wisconsin (or the country) at this time. With more and more people becoming unable to eat gluten, microbreweries from all over the country are beginning to see the value in producing beer without gluten, making for very happy brewers and customers at the same time.

But here’s the question that you’ve probably been asking yourself for a while now and the one we’ve been itching to answer:

Does it taste good?

Here’s the thing: Tastes differ, but while “good” is subjective, quality can be agreed upon more easily. Instead of worrying about whether a brew tastes good or not, why don’t you go ahead and try it out for yourself instead? After all, if you know for a fact that microbrewery like the Minhas Craft Brewery produces quality, premium Wisconsin craft brews… what do you have to fear? Bad taste never killed anyone, as far as we know! 😉