When it comes beer, most people can agree on one thing: It tastes nice. Everything else exists to be confused, misunderstood, or worse — never heard of. Micro-breweries? Never heard of that. Craft brewing? Brewing what? 😉

Despite craft brewing being most established in the US (and despite you probably living within close vicinity of a craft brewery), most people remain unfamiliar with the idea of craft brewing. This is why, and we’ve said it numerous times in the past, supporting your local craft brewery by purchasing from them is really important.

With that being said, what exactly is craft brewing? Unfortunately, there is no exact definition for that term. It’s a bit like craft beer in general: Most people can agree on what craft beer is, but nobody can truly define it. That’s because craft beer is as varied as the people who make it.

However, most people can agree that craft brewing is term that is generally reserved for micro-breweries, or small, independently-owned breweries that prefer to focus on flavour and quality rather than quantity. Most of these micro-breweries also employ traditional brewing methods such as handcrafting.

If you live in Wisconsin, one of the country’s most notable micro-breweries is located in close proximity of Madison, in a small town called Monroe. You might have heard of us: We’re the country’s 10th largest breweries as well as the country’s 2nd oldest. We’re the Minhas Craft Brewery and if you would like to learn more about Wisconsin craft beer, how it’s made and more importantly, what it tastes like, we encourage you to come and visit us whenever you can.

Until then, happy drinking!