In the last decade or so, Wisconsin craft beer (and really, craft beer in general) has been skyrocketing in popularity, eclipsing the production of overall been in the process.

While nobody is exactly able to say why that is the case, venturing a guess can be easily done by taking a deeper look into what people like. From what we have noticed so far, at the end of the day it all comes down to quality. This is a word that you will hear the Minhas Craft Brewery employ a lot to describe craft beer.

Unfortunately though, the meaning of the word quality seems to be forgotten by larger breweries. Several of them like to believe that quantity > quality because quantity = profits. While this might be true from a business’ perspective, from a beer lover’s perspective it is far from being so. And the good news? More and more people people are beginning to realize this as well.

This is why so many beer lovers find comfort in Wisconsin craft beer. Unlike larger breweries, small-scale breweries know that staying true to the tradition of hand-crafted beer is important — both to keep the culture alive and to make sure that their products taste like they should. Sure, smaller breweries don’t make as much money as larger ones, but many of them (like the Minhas Craft Brewery) are still able to enjoy a considerable degree of success because they provide what people want.

In other words, they provide delicious, premium Wisconsin brews. :)