Let’s be honest here: There aren’t many things in life better than a delicious, local Wisconsin craft beer, right?

Except maybe Wisconsin brewery tours, but we never claimed otherwise.

The 2nd oldest brewery in the United States as well as the 10th largest in the country would like for you to partake in our famous Wisconsin brewery tour. The latter will teach you everything that you need to know about craft beer, how it’s made and lastly, how and when it was first introduced to the United States. After all, the Minhas Craft Brewery’s history is directly linked to the history of American craft beer. (Being over a century old will take care of that.)

History lessons aside, during our brewery tour you will also have the opportunity to finally learn what craft beer tastes like (if you have never tasted it before). And it won’t be sub-par craft beer either… if that even exists. The Minhas Craft Brewery is known to make excellent hand-crafted brews. Already, craft beer tastes a million times better than commercial beer, so you can only imagine what “excellent” craft beer tastes like. (Hint: It’s really good.)

If you like beer, history and just having a good time in general, then bring some friends along and come have a good time with us at the Minhas Craft Brewery this weekend. Cool facts, fun anecdotes and of course free beer will be aplenty! :)

The Minhas Craft Brewery is located in Monroe, Wisconsin. The “Swiss cheese capital of the USA” as people like to call Monroe can be reached within one hour from the capital, Madison. For more information on our brewery tour, feel free to browse through our website. Entries cost $10 each.