Whether you like your beer dark or light, or whether you’re more of an ale person than an IPA one, beer lovers always find themselves at home in Wisconsin. This is especially true if said beer lovers also happen to be craft beer lovers. With Wisconsin’s wide collection of breweries to choose from, if you find yourself visiting Wisconsin in the near future you will certainly have a good time participating in one of the many different beer-related activities offered to you.

Here are the top 3 things to do in Wisconsin as a beer lover:

  1. Visit the Minhas Craft Brewery. The second oldest micro-brewery still in operation as well as the tenth largest is often hailed as the best Wisconsin micro-brewery. Aside from offering quality, premium craft beer they also offer a Wisconsin micro-brew tour that takes the participants on a tour across their premises and teaches them how craft beer is made. If you crave knowledge and craft beer, then a micro-brew tour is the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
  2. Participate in oneĀ of Wisconsin’s many beer festivals. Each year, Wisconsin is home to a handful of beer festivals. There you will find some of the best craft beer that the state has to offer, among other things. It’s definitely a good option if you like having a wide selection to choose from and don’t mind a bit of walking around.
  3. Visit the National Brewery Museum. For the history lovers among you, a visit to the National Brewery Museum is a definite must. There you will find a collection of fascinating and historical beer bottles and cans, trays, coasters, and other collectibles. Who ever said that the history of craft beer was boring?