Looking for a fun way to spend this upcoming Saturday? Look no further than the Minhas Craft Brewery.

So go ahead and bring some friends along, because here are 3 fun things to do at one of Wisconsin’s best micro-brewery:

  1. Partake on one of our famous micro-brew tours. Not only is our micro-brew tour famous across the country — it’s also an excellent way to get acquainted with the history and culture behind craft beer in Wisconsin. So if you’ve always wondered how craft beer is made and where it’s from, don’t miss the chance to learn it by witnessing firsthand the behind-the-scenes of a micro-brewery where craft beer is brewed. Our tour is available 7 days a week and lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. Tickets cost $12 each.
  2. Enjoy some of the best craft beer that Wisconsin has to offer. Throughout the years (and decades) the Minhas Craft Brewery really has perfected the art of brewing the perfect craft beer. Today, we cater to many different tastes, and to both experienced and not so experienced craft beer drinkers alike. We like to say that we have something for everyone — so why don’t you go ahead and see for yourself?
  3. Learn more about the fascinating history of America’s second oldest micro-brewery still in operation today. Did you know that the Minhas Craft Brewery is over a century old? That’s over a hundred years of existence! As a result, we have plenty of interesting anecdotes to share with you. Does that sound like a fun way to soak in the local colors? We certainly think so!

Happy and safe drinking from the Minhas Craft Brewery!