Are you a craft beer connoisseur? Then you’ll feel right at home here in Wisconsin. After all, we’re home to some of the best micro-breweries in the country, including the century old (but still kicking!) Minhas Craft Brewery.

Located in Monroe, the “Swiss cheese capital of the USA”, the Minhas Craft Brewery has been brewing delicious, local craft beer for over a century. (That’s over a hundred years!) Regardless of whether you are an avid craft beer connoisseur or simply someone who enjoys a good glass of beer every now and then, you’ll feel right at home here at the Minhas Craft Brewery.

So what do we have to offer? Fresh, delicious local beer. From our best selling Lazy Mutt Ale to our popular Mountain Crest Classic Lager, the brews that we produce are as diverse as the people who visit us each year. We pride ourselves in providing “quality above quantity”, so each craft beer that we produce was made with so much love that you can almost taste it.

If that sounds like the type of beer you’d like try and relax with, drop by the Minhas Craft Brewery next time you’re nearby and come see for yourself why some people refer to us as the best micro-brewery in the USA. We offer a micro-brew tour that will give you the chance to learn more about craft beer, where it’s from and where it’s made.

For more information, please visit Until then happy and safe drinking from the Minhas Craft Brewery!