Not everyone out there has had the chance of partaking in a brewery tour or even familiarize themselves with a brewery tour entails. If you are among them, you might be wondering what exactly a brewery tour is.

While each brewery tour differs slightly, they all share something in common — they allow people like you to see the behind-the-scenes of a brewery where beer is made. In the case of the Minhas Craft Brewery brewery tour, it gives people the opportunity to see the behind-the-scenes of a brewery where craft beer is made.

If you’ve never tasted craft beer, then now might be the time to change this!

Our Wisconsin brewery tour is constantly ranked as one of the best in the state of Wisconsin. Not only are we one one of the oldest breweries in America — we’re also one of the most famous. Our rich history, combined with our skills and knowledge, make for a wonderful brewery tour that no beer lover like you should miss. We are located in Monroe (also known as the Swiss Cheese Capital of the USA) so if you ever find yourself passing through this part of the country, come and pay us a little visit — we’ll treat you well! (If you were wondering, Monroe can be reached within an hour drive from the capital, Madison.)

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