When it comes to craft beer, it can either be a hit or miss. Regardless of whether you are a beer connoisseur or simply a person who enjoys a glass of beer every now and then, we can probably assume that quality plays an important role when it comes to selecting what kind of beer you will try next.

PictureBut as we said earlier, beer (particularly craft beer) can either be a hit or miss. Because beer plays such an important role in our culture, many people have decided to make a living by brewing beer. Unfortunately, not every brewer was created equally.

If you live in Wisconsin (preferably near the Swiss Capital of the USA, also known as Monroe) then you are in luck. Close to you you will find one of the oldest, and one of the best micro-breweries in the United States — namely, the Minhas Brewery.

The latter has been in operation for over a century and is known for brewing one of the best Wisconsin craft beers — the Lazy Mutt. The latter is an unfiltered light bodied wheat ale — a type of ale that is traditionally made by farmers. The Lazy Mutt has a slight citrusy taste, making it a very drinkable and refreshing ale that suits the taste of many people.

If you have never had the opportunity to taste this beer (or to simply taste craft beer) then the Minhas Brewery invites you a brewery tour to sample some of their products and to see the behind-the-scenes where the Lazy Mutt and other premium brews are produced. The tour runs 7 days a week and only costs $10.