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Boxer Beer unique styles - Lager, Light, Ice and Gluten Free BeerWisconsin Brewery Award Winning Beers:
BOXER BEER – From light beer, Lager, Ice Beer & Gluten Free Beer

The The story of a family that has been brewing the damn good beer. Minhas Family Brew Documentary

Minhas Family's Story in the documentary The Minhas Family Brew by Spotlight Productions
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Learn how Ravinder and Manjit Minhas rose to the top of the brewing industry. Find out how the youngest craft brewery owners in the world achieved their dreams. They describe their milestones and what they see for their Wisconsin brewery’s future and the future of their companies as a whole. They are beyond proud of their accomplishments in the brewing industry and even prouder to be brewing out of Wisconsin! You can also learn about their other brewery, Minhas Micro Brewery in Calgary, Canada; Minhas Distillery in Wisconsin; and Pizza Brew Restaurant in Calgary, Canada. It was a challenging road building their businesses but very rewarding in the end.

Minhas Breweries Story - Our Book : Brewing Up a Damn Good Story

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This is the story of the youngest craft brewery owners in the world, the oldest brewery in the mid-west and a whole lot more! Click the above book icon to learn how the Minhas siblings, Ravinder and Manjit, grew a single Wisconsin brewery to a company of three production facilities (two breweries: Wisconsin & Calgary, one Wisconsin distillery and one Calgary restaurant. You can learn about Monroe Wisconsin and the history of the brewery, including details about the previous owners. The Minhas’ describe their brewing techniques and their various craft beer products. They also provide details on their marketing techniques. Their story is an amazing tale of how two siblings achieved their brewery dreams.

Alberta Beverage Awards 2013 Winner - Lazy Mutt Alberta Wheat Ale Alberta Beverage Awards 2013 Winner - Lazy Mutt Alberta Wheat Ale

Huber Bock wins SILVER

Huber Bock wins Americas Silver at the World Beer Awards

Minhas Craft Brewery Tours

Come visit our Wisconsin craft brewery, take our world famous tour. See first hand how we brew our various craft beers and learn about our brewing techniques - what makes us stand out from the other Wisconsin Breweries. Walk through the largest brewery memorabilia museum of it’s kind. Stop in our gift shop to take home some brewery souvenirs and craft beers (our sample box is perfect for trying out a variety of flavors). When you are done there, go across the street to take a tour of the Minhas Distillery to learn about our ingenious distilling techniques. Also read our Wisconsin craft brewery blog and distillery blog to find out the latest drink trends… like how to make a Moscow Mule using our Blumer’s Moonshine.

Interested in creating your own brew or liquor?

Learn how the Minhas Brewery can help you achieve your dreams. We offer custom private label liquor and beer production and packaging. You can take advantage of our complete offerings, which include recipe development, package design development, production, packaging and marketing; or just one segment of our services.

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