Boxer Alcoholic Hard SodasBOXER Alcoholic Hard Sodas

5.5% alc./vol. Made with Real Cane Sugar

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Boxer Hard Root Beer by Minhas Craft Brewery

Minhas Micro Brewery - Innovative Calgary Brewery Making Legendary Canadian Beer

Welcome to Minhas Micro Brewery in Calgary, Alberta,one of the top Canadian breweries making some of the best Canadian beers such as Lazy Mutt, Boxer & Mountain Crest craft beers. Located in Calgary and owned by native Albertans Ravinder and Manjit Minhas, we are proud to represent Calgary in the Canadian beer brewing market.

Our Canadian beers are a true representation of Canada, ingredients straight out of Alberta and brewed in Calgary - you can’t get more Canadian! In every bottle of our Minhas Canadian craft beers, you will taste a little of Calgary and Alberta. Alberta has some of the finest brewing barley and wheat and Calgary has some of the crispest, clearest water. The freshness of the ingredients is apparent in every sip. If you love Canadian beer, you’ll love our Calgary brewery beers.

Alberta Beverage Awards 2013 Winner - Lazy Mutt Alberta Wheat Ale Alberta Beverage Awards 2013 Winner - Lazy Mutt Alberta Wheat Ale


The The story of a family that has been brewing the damn good beer. Minhas Family Brew Documentary

Minhas Family's Story in the documentary The Minhas Family Brew by Spotlight Productions
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The Minhas Micro Brewery is a division of Minhas Breweries, built from the ground up by the Minhas siblings, the youngest brewery owners in the world. You can learn more about their story in the The Minhas Family Brew Documentary. Hear directly from the young entrepreneurs about their road to success and their plans for the future of all their businesses: Minhas Craft Brewery in Monroe, Wisconsin, USA; Minhas Distillery in Monroe, Wisconsin, USA; and Pizza Brew Restaurant in Calgary, Canada.

Minhas Breweries Story - Our Book : Brewing Up a Damn Good Story

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Learn even more about the Minhas family, their Monroe Wisconsin Brewery, their brewing techniques and their marketing techniques in Minhas Breweries Story - Our Book “Brewing Up a Damn Good Story.”

Makers of Lazy Mutt Craft Beer – Awarded Alberta Beverage Award 2013, Judges Selection

Alberta Beverage Awards 2013 Winner - Lazy Mutt Alberta Wheat Ale Alberta Beverage Awards 2013 Winner - Lazy Mutt Alberta Wheat Ale

Expanding Lazy MuttCraft Beer Lazy Mutt Alberta Wheat AleCRAFT BEERinALBERTAOn Our Way to Becoming the #1 Canadian Beer

Creators of the Ground Breaking Boxer Gluten Free Canadian Beer

Minhas Micro Brewery Calgary Tours –One of the Best Calgary Brewery Tours in Alberta

If you are visiting Calgary or even in your live here, make sure to carve out time to visit the MinhasMicro Brewery- brewers of some of the best Canadian beers. During your visit, take the Best Brewery Tour in Alberta and visit the best pizza restaurant in Calgary, Pizza Brew Restaurant. Learn from some of the best brewers in Canada on how to brew, age and bottle a variety of craft beers. We invite you to have some damn good beer, fresh pizza and a heckova good time.

Experience a little of the Calgary Micro Brewery tour in our virtual tour. It doesn’t compare to actually being there but it will give you a taste of our techniques.

Want to learn more about Calgary craft beer, our Canadian brewery and homebrew techniques? Visit the Minhas Calgary Micro Brewery Blog. We regularly update it with articles every beer lover should read.

Interested in creating your own brew or liquor?

Learn how the Minhas Brewery can help you achieve your dreams. We offer custom private label liquor and beer production and packaging. You can take advantage of our complete offerings, which include recipe development, package design development, production, packaging and marketing; or just one segment of our services.

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