Premium craft brews. Unless you’re a true beer connoisseur, this term probably means very little to you. But what exactly are “beer connoisseurs”? Well, some people might describe them as people not content with only drinking commercially produced beer that can be bought in local liqueur stores. They want their beer to propel them backwards in time. With a bit of luck, they might just find themselves in the late 1800’s while sipping on a delicious IPA beer.

We can divide the people who come visit us into two groups — the beer connoisseurs and the casual beer lovers who enjoy a nice glass of beer every now and then. Regardless of whether you are a beer connoisseur who is hoping to get a specific thing out of visiting us or a casual beer lover looking to spend an enjoyable Friday evening with some friends, you will find that the Minhas Craft Brewery welcomes everyone.

The heritage and tradition of craft beer dates back a very long time, and here at the Minhas Micro Brewery, it dates back all the way back to 1845. The brews that we produce are quality, premium Calgary brews that will either propel you back in time or open the door to a whole new world full of delicious, hand-crafted beer.

Because that’s right: Craft beer is NOTHING like the beer that you are used to, but that’s another story.

So if you were looking to purchase premium Calgary brews to satisfy your curiosity or your insatiable thirst for quality, you know where to find us.