Have you been considering dropping by the Minhas Micro Brewery to learn more about Calgary craft beer? Then here are 3 reasons why you should stop considering and spend $12 on the fun and exciting micro-brew tour that you’ve been eyeing for some time:

  1. It’s a learning experience!¬†Have you ever wondered how craft beer is made? What’s the difference between a lager and an ale? Or maybe what an IPA is? Well you’ll learn the answers to all of these questions (and more!) if you decide to partake in our micro-brew tour. The latter lasts between 45 and 60 minutes and will take you on a tour of our premises where you’ll learn cool facts and anecdotes about craft beer, its history and the history of the Minhas Micro Brewery.
  2. We have beer… and pizza!¬†What more could you ask for? Not only do we offer some of the best craft beer that can be found in Calgary, adjoining pizza restaurant (Pizza Brew) also serves some of the best pizza that can be found in this city. No other place in Calgary can satisfy both of your cravings better than we can.
  3. It’s inexpensive, and it’s fun! As we mentioned above, our tour costs $12 and lasts up to an hour. Knowledge and samples will be aplenty, of course, but it’s not all. To make sure that you get enough value for your money, we will also make sure that you don’t go home without a few thank-you gifts from us.

For more information, please visit Until then happy and safe drinking from Calgary’s very own Minhas Micro Brewery!