Brewery tours have become more and more popular in recent years, and rightly so. When micro-breweries open their doors, they provide people with the opportunity to try craft beer and learn more about its origins. But they also provide them with many other things. Here are 3 reasons why you should go on a Calgary brewery tour:

1. It makes you experience something new. Most people don’t know what craft beer is, let alone that it even exists! If you are among the unlucky ones who have never had the chance to try craft beer, then going on a Calgary brewery tour like the one offered by the Minhas Micro Brewery is a good stepping stone into the world of craft beer.

2. It’s social. Social: A word that often seems to be forgotten in today’s society. Most people forget to look past the screen of their laptop or their iPhone on a daily basis, effectively forgetting what it’s like to interact with other people. Because brewery tours are best enjoyed with the company of some friends, they provide people with social opportunities that can’t quite be matched.

3. It’s fun! Lastly, brewery tours are fun. What more could you ask for? Knowledge? Checked. Supporting your local brewers? Checked as well! Pizza? Checked! (Yes, you read that right. If you come visit the Minhas Micro Brewery, you’ll know what we meant by that.) :)

As you can see, brewery tours are amazing and provide people with countless opportunities. If you live in Calgary, then a visit to the Minhas Micro Brewery is an absolute must!