Craft beer might sound like a fancy term to describe beer, but it’s far from being so. Craft beer is a generic term that encompasses many different kinds of beer — all of which have their roots deeply intertwined in the culture and history of America. Today, craft beers are brewed in micro-breweries across North America and are known for their high standards of quality. Here are 3 things that you didn’t know about craft beer:

1. It’s a local thing. There are THOUSANDS of micro-breweries spread all over North America. What that means is that if you live in Canada or in the USA, chances are that you actually live very close to a micro-brewery. Just take Calgary as an example where the famous Minhas Micro Brewery is located.

2. It’s an old thing. Craft brewers care about taste. They care about quality over quantity and this is why they prefer to remain craft brewers. Craft beer is NOTHING like the kind of beer that you are used to buying from your local liqueur store because it’s hand-crafted like in the old days. Craft brewers enjoy this process and they enjoy the results.

3. Craft beer is a generic term. And it’s an incredibly generic one at that. What you need to know is this: No craft beer is the same. They all differ from micro-brewery to micro-brewery. Brewers are, in a way, craft beer artists and they enjoy working with different ingredients. Each craft beer offers a new, unique experience that you won’t be able to experience anywhere else.

As you can see, craft beer is more than just a term. It’s a culture, a history and an experience all blended into two little words. If you are new to the world of craft beer, support your local brewers and don’t forget to take part in some brewery tours whenever you can.