Beer Glass

Each year in Canada, micro-breweries from coast to coast produce thousands of delicious hand-crafted brews. This tradition has been kept alive for many, many years by people who are dedicated and passionate about what they do.

Respecting and honoring this tradition can be done by purchasing from your local micro-brewers. It can also be done by partaking on a micro-brewery tour in order to learn more about craft beer and its fascinating history.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know what craft beer is, let alone where to find one. Nowadays, most major town in Canada is home to at least one micro-brewery. While not every micro-brewery offer a micro-brew tour, finding one that does isn’t all that difficult.

If you live in Calgary, then the Minhas Micro Brewery invites you on one of our famous brewery tours. For over two decades now we have been producing high quality, premium Calgary craft brews that remain completely unrivaled in their quality. Our Calgary micro-brew runs 5 days a week and only costs $10 per entry.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a craft beer connoisseur or a simple amateur who enjoys a glass of beer every once in a while — you will find good beer, a knowledgeable and friendly staff and plenty of interesting anecdotes here at the Minhas Micro Brewery either way. (Oh and plenty of pizza too, of course!)

For more information on our brewery tour or on the products that we offer, feel free to browse through our website. Until then happy drinking! ;)