What are Calgary craft beer tours?

Let’s first take a look at what craft beer is. As the name entails, craft beer is not your typical beer that can be bought from your local liquor store. While craft beer is a broad term, it is used to encompass beer that is produced in micro-breweries.

Micro-breweries differ from commercial breweries in several ways. First of all, they are smaller than commercial breweries. This is because micro-breweries produce beer for locals, typically to be enjoyed on their own premises. For a micro-brewery to be considered a micro-brewery they have to produce less than a certain amount of beer barrels per year. Secondly, micro-breweries have to be partially owned by an independent brewer. And lastly, they produce beer that is made from “fresh and local” ingredients. In other words, they focus on quality rather than quantity.

So now that you know what craft beer is, what exactly is a Calgary craft beer tour?

As you might expect, a craft beer tour takes place in a micro-brewery. While many micro-breweries offer them, not every one of them does. If you have the desire to support your local micro-brewery, then partaking on one of their micro-brew tours is one of the best ways to do that.

The Minhas Micro Brewery is proud to offer a craft beer tour for you to enjoy. The latter takes place 5 days a week and gives people like you the opportunity to learn more about craft beer and how it’s made. For more information on our micro-brew tour or the products that we offer, please visit