In today’s installment of Calgary Craft Beer 101, we take a look at what exactly the Minhas Micro Brewery is.

Located in Calgary, Alberta, the Minhas Micro Brewery has been in operation for over two decades (or 20+ years). Often hailed as one of the best micro-breweries in Western Canada, we have been providing residents and tourists alike with premium, quality craft beer for these past 20+ years.

But what exactly do we offer? And what differentiates us from other micro-breweries in Calgary?

From our famous Lazy Mutt Ale to our best-selling Boxer Lager, we know what people like. Every single one of our product is brewed with love and care — two things that we think are often missing from larger, more commercial breweries. After all, we follow in the footsteps of our forefathers and handcraft our brews. The results? Delicious, local craft beer that leaves you wanting for more.

If the Minhas Micro Brewery sounds like the type of brewery you’d like to support, we offer a Calgary micro-brew tour so that people like you can learn more about craft beer. Join us to witness firsthand the inner workings of a Calgary micro-brewery and to sample some of our best-selling products. Our tour runs 5 days a week and is one of the best ways, along with purchasing our brews, to support us.

Whether you’re an avid beer connoisseur or a simple beer lover who enjoys a good glass of beer every now and then, you are welcomed at the Minhas Micro Brewery. Until then happy and safe drinking!