Interested in dropping by the Minhas Micro Brewery for a taste of some of Calgary’s best micro brews? Here are three questions pertaining to our famous Calgary micro-brew tour to help you familiarize yourself with the Minhas Micro Brewery:

  • What is a micro-brewery? As the name entails, a micro-brewery is a smaller version of a “regular” brewery where commercial brews are produced. What you really have to know is that a micro-brewery focuses on quality rather than quantity. Craft beer is different from your favourite brand of commercial beer because micro-breweries cater to true beer lovers. Recipes vary, of course, but in general micro-breweries such as the Minhas Micro Brewery use fresh, local ingredients to produce premium, quality brews.
  • What is a Calgary micro-brew tour? A micro-brew tour is a great opportunity for beer lovers to learn more about the culture and history of craft beer in Calgary. Here at the Minhas Micro Brewery we offer a micro-brew tour that runs 5 days a week and allows our visitors to see firsthand the inner workings of a micro-brewery where craft beer is made. During our tour, we also provide visitors with free samples of our best-selling products and plenty of fun and interesting anecdotes pertaining to craft beer.
  • How much does your micro-brew tour cost? We charge $12 per entry. Please also note that while reservations are not required, they are certainly appreciated for larger groups of people.

Happy and safe drinking from the Minhas Micro Brewery!