Beer Glass

With countless micro-breweries offering premium, quality craft beer in Calgary, beer connoisseurs of all kinds often find themselves right at home here in this beautiful city. Regardless of whether you are a true beer lover or simply someone who enjoys a good glass of beer every now and then, going on a micro-brewery tour at least once in your life should at least figure on your list of things to do.

But what exactly is a micro-brewery, and how does it differ from a “normal” brewery? Quite simply, a micro-brewery produces what is known as craft beer, a generic term that is used to describe beer that is made from “small and independent” breweries. Unlike commercial brewers, micro-brewers tend to focus on quality rather than quality, with most of them paying homage to old days by keeping the tradition of brewing beer by hand alive.

As you begin to delve into the great big world of craft beer you will come to realize that Calgary (and other cities in the country) abound with micro-breweries, and that some (but not all of them) offer Calgary brewery tours. One of the city’s most famous micro-breweries, the Minhas Micro Brewery, is among them.

For more information on what this tour entails, feel free to browse around our website. Or if you prefer, dive headfirst into an exciting new experience this weekend. Bring some friends along and come have a good time here at the Minhas Micro Brewery. Beer will be provided, of course! (Oh, and pizza will be available, too.)