Let’s be honest here: Calgary is awesome. It’s lively, gorgeous and it’s just going to keep growing as more time passes. What’s not to like about Calgary? (Other than… well… its winters. But that’s another story.) If you are considering visiting this beautiful city some time in the future, then it’s quite normal that you would like to experience what makes Calgary such a fun and unique city. In other words, you want to taste as many local flavors as you can… and what can get more local than Calgary craft beer?

Minahs Micro Brewery craft beer!

You will find that Calgary abounds with micro-breweries. The latter are behind what is known as “craft beer” — a generic term that is used to describe locally produced beer. One of Calgary’s best micro-breweries is the Minhas Micro Brewery. If you are interested in learning more about craft beer, its history and how it ties in with the history of Calgary, then the Minhas Micro Brewery SHOULD be your first stop.

There’s a little something for everyone at the Minhas Distillery, including beer, history, fun anecdotes and even pizza. (Note: Pizza is not included in their brewery tour.) Their selection of craft beer is as varied as their customers who come from the four corners of the globe to taste it. What’s more, their Calgary micro-brewery tour constantly ranks as one of the best micro-brewery tours in the country.

You haven’t experienced Calgary until you have experienced the Minhas Micro Brewery.