If you’ve never had the opportunity to try craft beer, chances are that you probably wonder what it’s like, and what exactly makes it so special. While we can’t speak for every micro-brewery out there and their products, we can at least speak from a general perspective… and of course from our own personal experience.

In our eyes, what makes craft beer so special is how true to its origins it remain. In a world where quantity is often more important than quality, it is always refreshing to see people so dedicated to keeping traditions alive. Unlike commercial craft brewers, micro-brewers keep the tradition of brewing beer by hand alive — the way your grandfathers and great grandfathers did.

The results? Fresh beer made from local ingredients that draws from both its modern and historical roots. This is what (among other things) makes craft beer so special.

Of course though, no craft beer is the same. As you begin to delve into the world of craft beer you will soon come to realize that “craft beer” is nothing but a generic term that is used to describe beer produced in a micro-brewery. This might be a bit complicated to wrap your head around at first, but trust us — it’s a good thing! It opens up the door to countless possibilities.

From Calgary craft beer to Wisconsin craft beer to Quebec craft beer, each state and province has its own share of micro-brewery, each with their own unique recipes and unique ingredients. Can you really say the same of commercially brewed beer? You be the judge. ;)