Beer Glass

Ah, craft beer. Where would we be without it? Beer connoisseurs from all over the world can at least agree on one thing: Craft beer just can’t be compared to commercial beer.

But here’s the thing — “craft beer” is but a generic term that is used to describe hundreds, if not thousands of beer products, each with their own unique ingredients and distinctive flavor. So what do those hundreds, if not thousands of beer products share in common in order to fall under the “craft beer” label?

Where they are produced. In other words, the fact that they are (most of the time) hand-brewed in micro-breweries, unlike their more commercial counterparts that you find on most liquor store shelves.

If you are here, we can probably assume that you are already familiar with craft beer and micro-breweries in general. We can also probably assume that you understand what we mean by “local” craft beer, since micro-breweries tend to be very local by default. The usage of fresh and local ingredients, for one, is very common among micro-brewers.

If you are considering visiting the beautiful city of Calgary in the near future and don’t plan to leave without a taste of its local flavors, then knowing where to purchase Calgary craft beer from is very important.

Fortunately, Calgary is known for its production of premium craft beer, so if you consider yourself a beer lover you will find yourself right at home in this city. One of Calgary’s most important micro-breweries is the Minhas Micro Brewery. For over two decades now it has been producing delicious craft brews that are completely unparalleled in their flavors and quality.

Depending on what time of the year you are planning on visiting Calgary, you will also find that the city (and the province) are home to a number of craft beer festivals. If you can experience one during your stay in Calgary, you will finally come to understand why this city has such a good reputation among beer lovers!