Did you know that Calgary is home to dozens of micro-breweries?

Most people don’t. Most people also don’t even know what a micro-brewery is, and what makes craft beer different from your favourite brand of beer that you purchase from your local liquor store.

Here’s the deal, though. If you take the time to explore, truly explore, the vast riches that Calgary has to offer you when it comes to craft beer, chances are that you’ll never go back to your favourite brand of beer that you purchase from your liquor store.

Craft beer might be a generic term that is used to described hundreds, if not thousands of brews that are produced in micro-breweries across North America, but most of these brews share one thing in common… quality.

It’s because micro-breweries believe in quality over quantity. The results? It depends on many things. The ingredients, of course, and the brewer. It even depends on your taste (craft beer is much more varied than commercial beer). But if there’s one thing that’s for certain, it’s that a negative experience should not affect the way you perceive craft beer permanently.

Why? Because there are so many craft breweries out there that it’s impossible for you not to come across something that you enjoy if you keep exploring the great, big world of craft brews.

And if you live in Calgary, you’re in luck because this city is home to dozens of highly regarded micro-breweries in the craft beer world. One of them is the Minhas Micro Brewery. If you like premium, quality craft brews, then look no further than the Minhas Micro Brewery. Come join us on one of our famous Calgary micro-brew tours for a taste of what we have to offer.